may be, should create a tutorial?

Everything else, really. Must be related to the first playable alpha though!

may be, should create a tutorial?

Postby dmatter » Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:23 pm

Above all thank you for your games,
and thank you to advance to the addition of other elements.
one can more quickly it would be better ;)

May be, should create a tutorial?

following your sends to the "press" here certainly a big word.
I find the articles and I came across the video game junkie Space.
Then, it is a great moment of solitude for this guy. it has nothing to operations, 15 minutes to understand how to create the colony and after 40 minutes he still not understand or you must click to add modules or options on a ship.

the you really have a good tutorial, or much info bubble or explanation, because otherwise the public going to reduce it to nothing.

I did not have such a sad video with someone who is supposed to master the rudiments of 4x and other space games.

when compared against other available videos, guys understand quickly but a better tutorial is always better
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Re: may be, should create a tutorial?

Postby StephanieRct » Wed Mar 16, 2016 1:08 am

Could be nice to have a tutorial but I'd rather make it easier to figure out for new players. I'll take in all the feedback I can get and adjust the interface accordingly. :)
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